A Letter to Tripp and Tyler

Dear Tripp and Tyler,

Your comedy saved my life.

When my husband died, my world became very small. I was asleep or at Starbucks. I couldn’t bear to be in my home, yet I was terrified to leave. Nights were the worst, because the trauma replayed whether I was awake or asleep. I couldn’t get away from any of it, and I couldn’t take a deep breath.

So, I lay under my covers with my Mac, and I escaped into YouTube. That’s actually a pretty overwhelming environment, so I stuck with one safe channel. I watched Don’t Be That Guy. Shoot Christians Say. Sh*t Nobody Says. Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not in a Pool. Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Dog. I watched Linda, who is merely a woman, in the temple workout. And for a few minutes, I was somewhere else. My mind could rest, and I couldn’t help but laugh. And I began to breathe.

I am so honored to write these words to you, that you may store them away and know they are true. You and Tyler are more than ‘the funny guys on YouTube.’ You brought laughter into my life when every light had gone out.

Thank you for the laughter.