Hope for My Girls

He had waited in line to share his words with me.

(It always humbles me when people will stand in line to do anything with me.)

He said,

“I’m proud of you. And I know that sounds strange, because I really don’t know you at all. But I have two daughters, and ever since I became a dad, my entire perspective on women has changed. Whenever I see a woman who is owning her life and walking with dignity, it gives me hope for my little girls. And that makes me very proud of you.”

Thank you.

Classiest Breakup Ever

That’s a good man who will buy a cup of coffee for the girl whom he believes is about to break up with him.

I didn’t intend to break any hearts in this season of my life.  I did not.  But sometimes I just know that I know I can’t continue down this path without breaking …  something.

The worst is when I don’t want it to end, when I really like him, when conversation is endless, chemistry is palpable, when I really wanted it to work, to be great.

(Great is the word I use when I can’t think of the better word that means amazing.)

He waited for me at a table just inside the door.  There, with my drink, waiting for me.

He took both of my hands and said, “Hey, you know what?  It’s okay.  I know why you’re here, why you asked for coffee today.  This isn’t my first rodeo.  I’ve said goodbye to a great girl more than once.  I will forever think you are amazing, I will speak well of you, and if you ever need a friendly companion to join you for an evening, I will be honored.  But this, today?  It’s okay.  Really.”

I had written a few sentences in my mind on the drive to Starbucks, but they were nothing I was excited about or wanted to hear myself say.

And he, knowing that my emotional energy is a premium commodity, did all the talking for me, in a graceful, gracious, blue-eyed way.

“Hey, you.  I know what you need to say, and I know you don’t want to.  So let’s not make you.  I can do it.  And it’s okay.”

Pure class.