Good news, Bad news, and Extra Points

The good news is that some of you are such beautifully faithful readers that you notice – and very sweetly mourn – when my writing doesn’t show up in your inbox.

So graciously, you tell me your morning coffee tastes less without the pairing of my words.

(And this is unbelievably kind of you.)

The bad news is that I have no idea why this has happened. What misalignment of the stars would stop the email subscription from keeping its promises?

Extra points for those of you who notice the hiccup.

And I wish I could fix it. Stay tuned. There could be more points in it for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Good news, Bad news, and Extra Points

  1. What?! Something about my IPhone won’t let me see your blog posts very easily, so I rely on the subscription. And here I finally came out of the woodwork and sent you an e-mail announcing my presence as a faithful reader of your blog (and a worrier/prayer when there is silence). Hmm. Well, you’ve been extra prayed-for during the inbox-outage. I’ve missed you. I’m going to start reading backwards now. I finally opened my laptop and stopped by to double check, because I’ve been growing more concerned. Phew! Glad to see you!

  2. Your writings stopped showing up in my inbox after the January 20th, the writing about the Science Fair project. It’s weird, I kept logging on and checking my email over the past several days looking for something. I would read the mail I would get, then log off. Hours later I would check again, I felt like I was addicted to something but I just wasn’t getting my fix! It just dawned on me tonight that it was you Tricia–I was missing you and your writing! I will send my email address to get back on the list. Thanks for wriiting! ~

  3. Still not getting updates via email, so sometimes behind but I go to your site and catch up every few days. Any way to get emails coming my way? Don’t want to miss any posts!

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