Somehow I Didn’t Punch Him In the Neck

So, remember when I was all lit about about the book When We Were on Fire?

And I invited all of you to read it and join me for a giant book club discussion over lattes and scones at the world’s biggest Starbucks which might just be in my imagination and an ethereal dream?

I’m still pretty fired up about this memoir.

(No pun intended.)  (Okay, yes it was.)  (It always is.)

Addie Zierman has become one of my favorite authors and contemporary theologians, and (…wait for it…) she invited me to write a guest post on her blog, to her audience, for the people who call her well-written and wise.

Today is the debut: Somehow I Didn’t Punch Him In the Neck.

Please go to Addie’s blog, and give yourself the pleasure of a virtual stroll.  Give her some love.

And order her book.


3 thoughts on “Somehow I Didn’t Punch Him In the Neck

  1. Love it Tricia! I get sick and tired of hearing “all things work together for good” and people have no clue what that is. Many are quick to throw that verse around like a magical ” fill in the blank” ticket that means because I believe I will get ___________ (which is their personal definition of good). Few keep reading to verse 29 where the “good” is defined by our God. Our “good’ is to be more like his son…Jesus…the perfect one. I have a lot of “not perfect” in me and when that stuff gets removed it often hurts like the dickens. And, when cancer happens to my friend or another is widowed too early, or apathy sets in in my own heart, then there can be good in all that, but it’s certainly not a good situation. You are right…the beauty that emerges will give glory to God and maybe, just maybe, we will look a little more like Jesus on the other side. Love you!! Can’t wait for the book!!

  2. I found you on the Storyline Conference page and after reading this post, I’m so excited to see you in San Diego next month! I tell a friend of mine all the time, “We didn’t stab anyone today, so I guess that’s something.”‘
    But ….”to have grace’ is our Christian cliche that means, in a general paraphrase, ‘I managed to keep from punching that person in the neck.’” works better and made me laugh out loud.
    Would love to have you stop by and get your thoughts :)

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