My Civic Duty: My Shoes are Too Cute

So far, I’m allowed to stay present on the interwebs. That’s because in virtually dispensable in this process so far.

But if I suddenly stop writing, well you can know that I’ve moved up in the world.

And I’ll relinquish my poetic license so as not to need a jury of my own.

This is democracy in action, people. They just told me that my role as a juror is more important than that of the President of the United States.

(I’m not convinced.)

By the way, I would like to not be the foreperson. Except to hear the judge say, “Madame foreperson, what say you?”

Because that’s pretty much the most beautifully constructed sentence in the history of judicial process.

Oh, wait. Listening… Teresa Wilfred has been dismissed. I think that might be me.

Dang it. And so my civic duty for 2014 is complete.

Must have been the shoes. Too cute for a courtroom.