The Voices of Creativity and Promise

There are two voices that meet me in the half-awake place. First it is the Voice of Creativity, followed shortly by the Voice of Promise.

The Voice of Creativity presents me with an exquisite sentence, a detailed setting, the perfect analogy, the metaphor I’ve been thirsting for, or even an entire book outline.

For example, two nights ago I wrote the entire first chapter of my next book. Pure beauty, I tell you. It was a thesis in its own right, capturing life’s fleeting moments in words that people want to read. It was funny. Honest. Meaningful.

And then the voice of Promise says, “You’re right – that is beautiful and perfect. So dazzling, in fact, that you’ll remember it all tomorrow. Who could forget something like this? Surely not you. So rest your weary head, darling artist and keeper of words. They’ll be here in the morning.”

This voice cannot be trusted.


7 thoughts on “The Voices of Creativity and Promise

  1. Many nights I have woken with an idea or a solution to a problem I’ve been hashing in my sleep, only to forget in the morning light. I’ve learned to keep a pad of stickies and pen next to my bed and how to write in the dark. Listen to your heart and create when the moment strikes, you will never experience that exact moment again.

  2. Aagghh! Perhaps when you’re too tired to write things down, you could speak them into a recorder as they are occurring to you.

  3. Many many yeps to that one. I liked how I thought I knew where this was going until I got to the last line.

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