A Cry for Mercy

A Cry for Mercy

Have mercy on me, O God,
because you promise your love never fails;
because your eyes look gently upon me,
please wash away my stains.
See me as clean.

I have sinned against you.
This will always be true,
a decision that will follow me forever.
My heart is tainted; my spirit is weak.
Give me a heart that is clean and pure.
Give me a spirit that will sustain me.

I am embarrassed to come before you.
Please don’t send me away,
but remind me that – by your mercy – I am welcome here.
Open my mouth.
Give me a melody,
give me a word,
and I will declare your praise.

I would bring you everything I have,
but these don’t matter to you.
Even if I burn my favorite things in your honor,
you would not be pleased.
These I bring to you: a broken heart and a sorrowed spirit.
These, I pray, you will cherish.

~ Adapted from Psalm 51