Chick Fil A for “Turkey Lunch”

It’s not that I don’t value the Thanksgiving menu. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the work of the elementary cafeteria chefs to establish and repeat the tradition of the Turkey Lunch.

It’s just that there’s a whole lot going on in that cafeteria every year on this day. There’s still so much of me that doesn’t fare well in chaos. I start to do all those irrepressible, physiological, self-protective things. And my kids really just want to run outside to the playground anyway. It’s a big stretch for us all to sit there together.

Plus, this seems to be the #1 event attended by most of the dads in the school’s community. That’s kind of a hard scene for me.

My sons’ teachers came together and made a plan on my behalf.

“Tricia, we’re going to pull Tyler from his class so he can do recess and lunch with his brother and they’ll be on the same schedule, and you’re welcome to bring anything you’d like to eat, and the classroom will be open to you so you can have your own lunch with your boys. Does that sound okay?”

More than okay.

Chick Fil A for everyone.


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