Boobs and Schmucks

An early reader came to me with this question:

“Tricia, I’m a little concerned about two words in the book. Boobs… do you think you could use another word? And schmucks… it’s so derrogatory. Could you say ‘jerks’?”

See, here’s the thing. No.

A different word for boobs? Well, let me visit my thesaurus app on that one. Actually, every single option makes the sentence *more awkward.* Breasts? No. That’s simultaneously way too personal and way too medical. And I’m not going to substitute jugs or girls or milk bags. (I could continue with a litany of options.)

Schmucks. “It’s so derrogatory.” It is. I meant it that way.

I don’t mean to be a smart ass about it. Sorry – I don’t mean to be a smart alec. I’m a real girl, and I use real words.  I remain open to suggestions and critique, but this author may have met her limit on the conservative revisions.

The boobs and schmucks get to stay.

9 thoughts on “Boobs and Schmucks

  1. I love your down to earth writing. I love that you are real and don’t sugar=coat your stories though I suspect some have been edited to protect your boys as they grow older.

  2. Good. Real is best. I just have to say that I told my husband about your brief “I. Like. Boobs.” exchange with your son the other day, and we were both rolling.

  3. I was dealing with this today. I have curse words in my book, and that could be a prob as far as who will carry it, but oh my goodness, there are parts of my story that call for a couple of choice words. It’s the real me.

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