Like Celery

Oh, tender heart. I hear you in there.  I feel you.

I don’t know what you want to say, but you are stirring. I feel like I could cry, but I don’t feel sad.  This emotional ambiguity is a new language, these feelings that happen two and three at a time and sometimes don’t match each other.

Perhaps it is the freedom I feel now, stretching my wings into the status of being single.  Transformation is merely a shift in perspective, but such a shift can change everything.  Hence, the word transformation.

Perhaps this great wave of emotion is due to the giant windfall of fortune and blessing that has poured over my life in the last week. Such things take time to absorb.

Like in fifth grade science, when we immersed celery into colored water.  It took a little while for the celery to drink the liquid, for the blue to extend to the tips of the leaves, for the vegetable to really show it had been changed.

I hear you tender heart.  I feel you fluttering away in there.

Beating with freedom and change.

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