The Writer with the Dog

Today, Max and I are writing outside.  Shady trees.  Cobblestone sidewalk.  I’m sitting on the hearth of a great big fireplace.

I tell you, there’s just nothing sweeter than a clean, freshly groomed Shih Tzu.  There’s a little orange ribbon over his right ear which is a little weird. It’s the groomer’s tribute to The Broncos.  But still, he’s a boy dog with a bow in his hair.  And that’s a little weird.

As if Max is short for Maxine.  Maxine would definitely qualify as a great dog name.  I always lean toward the names of women from my grandma’s generation.  Bernice.  Helen.  Lois.  Inez.

Maybe Max and I will become writing companions.  He’ll sit with me and be affirming with his charm, and I will take him fun places with treats for dogs.  We’ll be a team.

And I sincerely hope that ‘the writer with the dog’ is not the same as ‘the lady with the cats.’

Deep thoughts today, you can see.

2 thoughts on “The Writer with the Dog

  1. Request a macho bandana next time for Max-they have a ton of them out. After eleven years, Mac had one for every holiday and ocassion. He was quite the well adorned Schnauzer.

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