Operation: Independence

I needed to get my hair cut, and it’s hard to tell which “I don’t want to” measured higher: I didn’t want to take them with me, and they didn’t want to come.

So we tried an experiment.

“Guys, you get to go on an adventure while I’m getting my hair cut. The grocery store is right next door, and I’m going to let you go inside and choose a treat. One for each of you.”

“Oh, mommy. This is the most best idea ever.”

“I think so too. What rules do you think I have?”

“No running.”
“No screaming.”
“Stay together.”
“No fighting.”

I’d say that just about covers it. I gave Tyler the money in an unexpected choice of responsibility. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me, “Are you kidding me?! No way. Give that responsibility to Tucker.”

We synchronized our watches and we parted ways. They launched into a task of teamwork, budgeting, and independence.

Twenty minutes later, they came to the hair salon with perfect change and a bag of donuts.

They even chose one for me. My favorite kind.

A win on every level.

(Especially since I choose not to think about little hands reaching into bakery showcases, with or without waxed tissue paper.)

3 thoughts on “Operation: Independence

  1. PERFECT! I remember the first few times I gave my kids similar responsibilities, and most of the time they did just fine. A wonderful start to the boys’ responsible independence.

  2. I love that they are so close in age that they get to step into these adventures simultaneously and each be ready for it with the other one by their side.

  3. Sounds perfect! I love hearing stories like this. It gives me hope for when our children are their ages. I certainly don’t care for how unsafe at times the world feels. It’s much more different than when I was your boys’ ages. But way to go Mama!! And how thoughtful to pick a donut for you. :)

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