Truly Something.

“What was the first thing you noticed about your spouse?”


The women are seated on one side of the table, the men on the other.  We didn’t choose to sit this way, like a middle school dance, but here we are.


The women go first.


“I saw him in a sea of his old girlfriends, gathered around him at a wedding reception.  And I guess that’s not a bad thing.  All of those people still wanted relationship with him.  He was pretty captivating.”


“We were in college, and I heard live music playing.  I went to the student life center, and I could see through one small sliver between the black paper on the windows.  And there he was, playing his drums.  And I wanted to meet him.  I wanted to know him.”


“I watched him with his friends, and I knew his relationships were real.”


“I watched him play the drums, and I knew he was interested in me because he kept looking at me.”


“He was the only person in my high school who was kind to everyone.”


And then it is the men’s turn.


“You girls said all these nice things. Now you’re about to hear our answers, if we’re honest… butt, boobs… but really, I noticed her eyes and her smile and her hair… that went all the way down to her cute butt.”


“I noticed her sweet smile.  Actually, I don’t remember noticing her.  But I sure did.”


There was an emptiness in me.  Oh, to hear those words again, to hear Robb tell about falling for me.  It is something to be loved.  It is really, truly something.


A sweet friend, who knows the emotional temperature in the room and the words that are never said, pulled me aside after the meal.  With tears, she said, “Tell me what he would have said about you.”


And with my own tears, I told her.


“He said I had curves in all the right places.  And he loved my hair.”


It is something to be loved.  Truly something.

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