Two Boys and a Business Calendar

“Guys, I have such a great idea. I am starting to plan my calendar for the winter and spring, because sometimes I’ll be traveling to speak and teach and talk about the book. I was thinking… would you like to go with me on those trips?”

Their eyes lock with one another, sparkling with pictures of airplanes and suitcases and adventures. “Yes! Yes!”

“I’m thinking I will take one boy at a time, and you can each be my helper for the trip.”

“And I will go on the first trip with you,” says one who is still learning to put others first.

“Well, we will have to look at our calendars – school, gymnastics, football – all of those things, and decide when its best for each of you to slip away with me. So I’m not sure who will go first. But I am excited to plan with each of you.”

“I have an idea, Mommy. Why don’t you just send us?”

And there we have it, my friends. I’ll send my children and a meal plan. Done.

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