8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, My Love.

  1. Today is my angel’s bday too – my son was born today in 2009 and died a short 4 months later (on the same day that Robb died.. 12/23/2009). Today we will send balloons to heaven as we do every year. My heart is with you today Trisha. Your words and insight have brought me much comfort – I thank you. Happy Birthday to our angels.

  2. I cannot relate to your sorrow and won’t even pretend that I can. All I can say is God bless you today with His comfort, peace, and love…..and the same for those precious sons……even though His manifestations of comfort, peace, and love may show themselves through root beer burps and other forms of joy!

  3. Have a wonderful time. Reminds me of a celebration my husband and I had. It would have been his and his first (late) wife’s 50th anniversary. We went to a nice restaurant, proudly displayed their wedding picture on our table, and had a wonderful evening!

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