Ever Torn

I am ever torn.

I want to keep all of my ideas in one place, with me always.

But I get itchy when I think about beginning a new story, a new journey, a new topic, in a notebook that is dedicated to something else.

I want to travel light, but I can’t seem to confidently leave the house with less than six books, two (or is it three?) bags, and my laptop and my phone and all the subsequent chargers.

I want to see my words in my own handwriting, but it slows me down and distracts me with errors.

I have been advised to consider blogging less, to embrace the ideas of Less is More,
Quality over Quantity,
Authors Write Books not Blogs,
Disappear for a While,
Create a Hunger,
Leave Them Wanting More.
I want to follow the paths of those who have gone before, the greats who blaze the trails,
But I can’t seem to break a daily dialogue of seven years.

I want to pour into others, but I want to be alone.

I want to rest, but I don’t want to sleep.

I am ever torn.


8 thoughts on “Ever Torn

  1. Not that you need it, but you have my permission to blog less if that’s what would help you in your author journey. I love reading your blog posts, but if seeing fewer of them means you’re getting to work more on your book-writing, I support that. Do what you need to do, girl.

  2. I would miss spending my quiet moments with you. Sometimes your blog is all I have to look forward to when I steal a moment to myself. I’d miss you if you went away!….

    But, if you must, I expect that when you do return, it would imagine it will have been worth the wait…

    So…do as you please….we won’t be going very far without you, Tricia :)

  3. Oh, these women are way less selfish than me. The first thing I thought is Oh no!
    don’t blog less, I love reading the blog. :)

  4. I have a friend who does quality over quantity; i.e blogging once in a while. i find myself checking your blog every day; whereas now I forget to check hers. Just something to think about.

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