Looking Anywhere Else

When I miss Robb more than I can stand, when I can’t bear to look it in the face, I write about stupid, meaningless things.

Like calamari.

Monday is my wedding anniversary. I probably won’t mention it on that day. I’m likely to write about something stupid. Meaningless.

Because I can’t bear to look it in the face.


3 thoughts on “Looking Anywhere Else

  1. Didn’t realize your hubby’s name was Robb til now. My husband was Robbie…

  2. Tricia, my heart goes out to you. May Jesus sing to you the songs of deliverance you need to hear. PS 62. I mean that in the best way, remembering the good while building for tomorrow. Your reality faces you daily. I hope that Jesus will give you rest and will meet your deepest needs right where you are. Your courage inspires me daily and has brought a deeper, richer hope back into my life.

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