Calamari Fingers

My favorite variety of boldness is calamari.  And my favorite bits of calamari are the ones that actually look like a small octopus.  I can count the tentacles.  They’re like tangled balls of yarn.

Seems like it should creep me out, make me want to become a vegetarian, but it doesn’t.

Except one time it did.

When we were in California, we ate at a marina one evening, and naturally I ordered the calamari that is my favorite boldness. I should have taken the first clue from the menu: they were called Calamari Fingers.  And they weren’t kidding.  Those were the meatiest little creepy creepers.  I felt like I was chewing erasers.

Turns out, I guess I’m a fan of inland calamari, which is mostly fried bits of goodness.

But otherwise, calamari takes the cake.  Or the marinara.



One thought on “Calamari Fingers

  1. If you go to YaYa’s, which I recommend doing if you haven’t, they have the thick meaty kind. But they prepare them well so they aren’t chewy. And I liked them but still…I kinda prefer the tentacle-y crispy ones, myself. This was my first experience with calamari steak as I call it. How big are those squid?!!

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