Not into my July

July, I have tried to pretend you don’t matter to me.
I’ve made little mention of any of your significance to me. I just wanted to slip through this month, fly under the radar, perhaps pay little attention to the dates and memories and forevers wrapped up in this seventh month of the year.

Yesterday, I received an email from the Melting Pot, inviting me to celebrate my anniversary with them again this year. Thank you, Melting Pot. I do believe it’s been four years since I’ve celebrated my wedding anniversary with you. All your specials and four-courses and cheeses and chocolates can’t make this anniversary anything but a memory.

Hallmark is dressed in red and green, featuring their Keepsake Ornaments. (Really?) I refuse to step into the store, but the colors come right out and make mean faces at me. Please, no. Don’t bring Christmas to my summer. Please. Not into my July.

Sometimes I cannot wrap my mind around all that I have lost.