Foreword Afterthoughts

Sometimes, after I click “Publish,” I give more thought to what I’ve just said in a very public forum.

Sometimes I think it might have come across the wrong way, sounded insensitive, or sent the wrong message.

Sometimes I want to say, “What I meant to say was… This.”

So watch for the heading Foreword Afterthoughts.

What you’ll find is an important preface after the fact. And I hope you’ll find humility, too.


2 thoughts on “Foreword Afterthoughts

  1. And from us, I hope you’ll find *grace*. It takes guts to do what you do. It’s easy to sit back from the comfort of a readership and wonder if we would have said it *just* that way. But that’s not fair. You show us that if you are going to sing your song for the world, you may hit a few wrong notes…but your voice is beautiful and the melody is true and those of us who have been listening for awhile don’t have to pick apart every note to know the heart of the tune. Keep singing, friend! Authenticity over perfection, every time. Love you!

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