Seavers, Micellis, and my GPS

“Mom, I named our GPS. Her name is Carol Seaver.”

“Carol? Really?”


“Why not Ramona? Or Trudy? Or Jennifer?”

“Her name is Carol.”

“Oh, Tricia. Why do I even try to argue with you over imaginary names of people who may or may not exist?”

“I’ve wondered that myself. And she does exist. Carol Seaver was the middle child on Growing Pains. If you’re more comfortable, you can call her Tracy Gold.”


“I always thought she had the wrong name. I mean, Carol? She should have traded names with her mother.”

My brother jumped in. “That’s so true! What was the mom’s name?”

“Maggie. And the dad was Jason, a retired baseball player.”

“What?!” asks Kate, the voice of reason. “How did he play professional baseball while he was getting his
Doctorate to open his in-home counseling center, right off the living room?”

“Trish, you’re thinking of Who’s the Boss. Tony Micelli retired from baseball before he became a housekeeper.”

“Yes, he did. But I’m just sure of it. Jason Seaver played baseball.”

“Hold on. Let me Wiki it…. Trish, you’re thinking of Tom Seaver. He’s a baseball player in real life.”

“Oh, no kidding?”

Mom has one rule. “Well, if we’re calling her Carol, then we are spelling it with an e. She will be Carole.”

“Okay, but I don’t think that’s how
Jason and Maggie spell it.”


2 thoughts on “Seavers, Micellis, and my GPS

  1. My first GPS was Lucy. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, my Mimi suggested the name Mollie. Nannie wanted Lucy. I like Mollie, but couldn’t name her what one grandmother chose over the other. (Her name is Mallory.). Anyway, I named her Lucy because it reminds me of my Nan. Lucy now resides with my second daughter, Sarah. See the pattern of not giving in on the naming of my girls. ;) Our new gps is named Mollie. I think my Nan and Mimi would get a good chuckle out of this story now. :)

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