For Dads and Not Dads

If you’re with your dad today,
I wish you a day that is beautiful, rich, long, and full.

If you’re missing your dad today,
I wish you a day of soul care,
of remembering well,
and of letting sadness sit with you.

If you’re a dad who has outlived his son,
I wish you a day of honor,
of remembering well,
of knowing you influenced his every day.

If you don’t have children,
but you have the heart of a dad,
I wish you a day of careful words,
gentle hearts, and a place for yours to feel.

If you’re a single dad,
and you’re flying solo and kicking this thing with all you’ve got,
I wish you a day of rest and appreciation, of the knowledge that you’re more of a hero than you know.

If you receive a tie today, I hope you also received a receipt.
If you received breakfast in bed, I hope the crumbs stay with you until you change the sheets.

And if you’re the new daddy for our family, we prayed for you this morning.

6 thoughts on “For Dads and Not Dads

  1. And if you’re realizing and grieving the loss of the father you never had: the one who cherished you and made you feel safe, who gave you wise counsel and in whose strong, tender arms you could find comfort from the buffets and betrayals of life–know that you have always had a Father who cherishes you and can make you feel safe, Who can give you wise counsel and in Whose strong, tender arms you can find comfort.

    • And if you feel you have or had a father who was never a real dad to you, who dealt you more pain than comfort, more anger than support, or more spite than love, weep for a human who fell short of his own better nature, and try to forgive him at last.

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  3. Beautiful, Tricia. And perhaps he prayed for you, too. He may be a single dad and wonder where his kids’ new mom is, the one who (might not plan ahead, but) will be there alongside him every day, and he’ll be there for you. Or, he may be one of those men with the heart of a dad, wondering if he’s going to get too old to be one, wishing he could find a ready-made family to love and guide. Every day you’re one day closer to meeting.

  4. I loved what you wrote today! I had to read the last line twice to get it! I choked up! Raena

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