Things that Glow that are Welcome in my Home

The boys are living it up this week with two dogs, an aquarium of fish, a gecko and a cat in the home where we are staying. They’re beginning a pet campaign.

I can’t say I disagree. We might be a family who is once again ready for a dog.

A dog, I say. Mid-size, smart, and hypoallergenic.

This morning, Tyler said, “You know, mommy, I think we should get a pet. I want a jellyfish.”

“Oh yeah?” I’ve learned to ask questions before I immediately say no. “Why would you choose a jellyfish?”

“Because they glow in the dark.”

“Then, I vote we get a night light.”


2 thoughts on “Things that Glow that are Welcome in my Home

  1. We just inherited my brother’s border collie. I was the least in favor of this happening, but it is working out well. I always told the girls when we buy a house with a yard, we’ll get a dog…they got lucky. She is midsized, 25lbs, sheds minimally and is really good with the girls and cats. I have severe allergies and she has not bothered them at all. I vote for looking into a border collie!

  2. My mom just found a nightlight that was a little plastic container of (fake) jellyfish in water that float all around and GLOW. Perfect combo, don’t you think? I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for another….she sent THAT particular thrift store find with my nephew who was moving across the country.

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