Snip. Snip.

I’ve been so puzzled by Tyler’s hair. It grows everywhere but in the front.

I love his look with bangs. I just do.


We went in for summer cuts today. I told the hair dresser my concern. “Please don’t take any off the front. It doesn’t seem to grow there, and I don’t want to lose anymore on the front. It’s so strange. I don’t know why it won’t grow.”


Tyler was sitting on his booster seat in the barber’s chair, plastic cape fastened around his neck.

He said, “Oh, I know why it won’t grow. Because I keep cutting it. Just like this, I cut it.” He practiced with his fingers to demonstrate.

Well, then. Freaking stop.


7 thoughts on “Snip. Snip.

  1. “I know why it won’t grow. BECAUSE I KEEP CUTTING IT.” Bwahahahahaaaa! :D

    This made me laugh out loud. I nearly peed.

    I had kids do this. My beautiful blonde 4 year old took a huge chunk out of her long, flowing locks. It took months to grow out. :D

    This made my day. Bless you.

  2. Brenna had French Braids at about 4 1/2 years… Then, I noticed about half way through the day that the top of her French Braids looked like the “braid” was missing, and there were strands of hair sticking up. She’d stuck the scissors in each of the top three “braids” and “snip.” She was pretty cute with a spike for the summer! I cried.

  3. Oh my word! He’s hilarious. At least there’s nothing really wrong with his hair in front!

  4. Sounds like my three year old niece. Every time she deemed appropriate she would be trimming her bangs… And never very well either! (Except for maybe one time.)
    Haha! Glad you discovered the reason why. :)

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