Laughably Insufficient

The greatest thanks is the hardest to articulate. The biggest, deepest gifts are the hardest to give. There is just so much in it, behind it, wrapped up in it. It can never be enough.

Nothing feels quite so insufficient as giving a teacher a year-end gift.

Thank you for influencing this year in my son’s life, for being someone he will forever remember. Thank you for teaching him manners, respect, courtesy, courage, not to mention how to read.

And in exchange, I’ll hand you a $10 gift card to Starbucks.

It is laughably insufficient.  Woefully not enough.

I can’t think of anything that would be enough.

5 thoughts on “Laughably Insufficient

  1. I agree. We cherish these people throughout our lives and that is why we encourage our children in their pursuits of education because we know the positive value of their influence. The fact that they are not forgotten is the greatest thanks. Thank you: Mrs. Agard, Miss Patterson, Miss Zebold, Miss Szita, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Smay, Miss Peloian, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Kamansky, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Hergenrader, Mr. Trbovich, Miss Scambray, Mr. Hart, Miss Henderson and Mr. Angarano….to mention just a few.

  2. As a teacher, the best gifts to me are the heartfelt cards from parents and students. I appreciate the gifts but I treasure the cards (and save them for when I’m feeling less than stellar or under-appreciated!)

  3. So true. Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Claflin, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Hyland, Mrs. Gentzler, Mrs. Hanlon, Mrs. Gannon, Mr. Sereychas, Mrs. Kraft, Mr. Tawney, Mr. Mattingly, Mr. Kocher, Mr. Tawney, Mrs. Bee, Ms. Crum, Ms. Landers, and Coach Durbin. You never forget them, do you!

    • A fellow Blue Streak! I recognize those names and second those feelings! :)

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