Balance, By The Way.

“I withdrew from grad school, Jana.”

“Oh, did you?” She jotted this on her notebook, undoubtedly adding it to her list of baby steps I’ve taken.

“Yes. I don’t need that right now. I mean, you’re encouraging me to eliminate things that are unnecessary, anything that can go? Grad school. That’s not something I need to do right now.”

She smiled her knowing smile. “Well, you needed to come to that conclusion on your own.”

“I did. I might go back someday. Or I might not. I don’t really know. But I’m not finishing it now. And this idea of taking time to rest? Thinking of other things and not pushing myself quite so hard? It’s pretty great.”

“Yeah, that’s called balance, by the way.”

2 thoughts on “Balance, By The Way.

  1. Good for you. That’s also a good reminder to the rest of us to eliminate things that are unnecessary and take the time to rest. Thank you!

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