Still the Best Thing Out There

“Tricia, what is it? What is that radiance about you? You’re like a beacon. Do you know that? What is it?”

“It’s Jesus.”


“Absolutely. Any light you see is the light of Christ. I promise you. It’s Jesus in me.”

“And you don’t resist it?”

“Well, when Robb died, I took some time to decide if I was going to renegotiate this piece of my life. I needed to decide if I would still believe in life in Jesus.

“I decided this: if I believe God made me, then I can believe he created my emotions. And if he created my emotions, then he is bigger than them, and he can handle my honest, raw questions and reactions.

“God and I have had some shouting matches. We’ve had it out.  We still do, fairly often.  But I have to tell you, the truth is that Jesus is still the best thing out there.”

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