I Dreamt Of Him

I dreamt of him.

I was standing at the side of the road, seemingly Nimisila Road from my childhood town, or another country road marked by only stop signs.

I was waiting to cross the street, I guess, although across the street was only a thick woods.

A red car drove slowly past, carefully and cautiously.  Not a creepy, stalker speed, but the pace of a slow and easy drive. From the driver’s seat, Robb glanced casually at me.  His left hand held the wheel, and with his right hand, he signed ‘I love you’ as he drove away.

That smile.  The not really smile, more of a glance, the one that was so easy, just the way he would have looked at me.  The glance that said, “I’ve got you, babe.  See you soon.”

I gasped.  I clutched at my throat, my heart.  My breath, my life.

Naturally, I could not get to him.  This is the way of dreams.

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