Pencils, Not Bananas.

I learned a few things on the soccer field today.

1. A mom should not yell, “Go, lovey!  Go, lovey-love!”  Nope.  She shouldn’t.

2. Socks are the variable in the soccer uniform.  Socks are lucky, and they make the player memorable.  What the enemy intended as an obstacle of dirty laundry, the Lord intended as the new lucky socks.

3. “Kick like a pencil, not like a banana.”  These are soccer terms.  In case you don’t get the correlation immediately, as I may or may not have: pencils are straight; bananas are curved.

4. I will jump from my chair, cheering my head off, when my son makes the goal everyone’s been waiting for.  Hence, I should heretofore keep my iPhone in the cupholder of my folding chair.


Shut Out.  6-0.

If we were keeping score, that is.

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