Courage and a Baseball

A neighborhood dad knocked on the door on Sunday afternoon. I opened the door to see him standing on the porch, holding a baseball and glove.

“Can Tucker come out to play?”

His son is in college, and neighborhood legend has it that this father and son wore the asphalt with hundreds of hours of throwing footballs, baseballs, curveballs, pop-ups, and grounders.

So he came looking for a boy who might like to toss a few.

When Tuck came back inside about half an hour later, I said, “Tucker, wasn’t that so kind of him, to come and invite you to throw the ball with him?”


“Did that surprise you? It’s so nice to be invited.”

“No, it didn’t surprise me. I asked him to. I asked him to come over on Sunday, around noon. And bring a baseball.”


A big thank you to the safe neighborhood dad who can honor a little boy’s courage.

6 thoughts on “Courage and a Baseball

  1. I live in New Zealand – we spell neighbour with a “u”. Just in case you think that I can’t spell, Trish!!!! :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing this; it warmed my heart. What a wonderful neighborhood you and the boys live in. They’re lucky to have the 3 of you, too.

  3. What an awesome child you have! I belly laughed out loud at the fabulous audacity* that boys of this age have. And what a great neighbor, too! (My boys are 6 and 7, so I love reading your stories with quite a bit of recognition of what goes on at our house. Poop shenanigans and such.)

    * Audacity used with the “bold, daring” definition, not the “rude, disrespectful” one. Nothing rude about a boy asking for what he needs. <3

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