Solid Reputation

Another neighbor came to meet and welcome me.

(I wished I was wearing different pants. But I didn’t mention that part in our introduction.)

My parents were over for the evening, and my mom was frying some bacon as part of the dinner menu.

Shelly, my new neighbor, could hear the fizzles and pops from the frying pan. She said very casually, “Is there something in the kitchen you need to pay attention to? It sounds like there might be something…” She motioned around the corner.

“Oh, did you see my collection of fire trucks on Easter morning?”

“Well, yes. Yes, I did.”

Safe to assume I’m never far from a five alarm situation.

It was a fair question.

2 thoughts on “Solid Reputation

  1. Well, at least the new neighbors don’t know about your penchant for dropping birthday cakes. Yet. ;o)

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