Six Phone Calls Later

At least I know he knows my cell number in case of an emergency. Sweet boy has called me six times.

We’ve talked through every symptom, including the very normal temperature. I have encouraged. I have reasoned. I have counted down the minutes, talked him through what is to come until he will see me.

He has cried. We have hung up.
He has called again.

“Buddy, let me tell you what is happening to you today. You are having a sad day, and there’s no medicine to make it go away. We just have to finish the day. That’s the only way to make it go away. You can do this. I am so proud of you. And I have every confidence in you.”

I am thankful for the teacher who is taking him for a walk to break today’s cycle. He needs hands-on love.

From someone who is not me.



5 thoughts on “Six Phone Calls Later

  1. When my oldest (who is eight) had his first sleep over several months ago it was the same. I got calls well into the wee hours of the morning. I tried to talk him through it and asked several times if he wanted me to come and get him. In the end, he made it after we both shed several tears.

  2. Oh Tricia, I’m so sorry that he’s having such a hard day. I’m sure you want nothing more than to go and scoop him up and give him a million hugs and kisses and reassure him until he feels fine again. You, too, Mama, need the reassurance that comes from making it through the day. Your boy will be fine. In fact – he’ll be great. <3 You are teaching him well. Days like these will help him move through life with confidence and his head held high.

  3. Hi Tricia , you don’t know me nor do I know you (even though I feel as if I do) my only request in this situation is that you don’t date Jim who posted above.😄praying for you and both boys!

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