Except for that Second Part

“Do you guys know what we are going to do today? We are going to be strong and courageous. We can be so brave and strong today because we know God is with is wherever we go.”

Translation: Go to school. Stay at school.

“And mommy? When we come home, we are going to fart on your face.”

Except that won’t be happening. I guarantee it.


4 thoughts on “Except for that Second Part

  1. LOL Hmmm….. they can borrow Zoey the dog where I’m staying. She’s very capable of farting in their face. I’m not kidding! LOL

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. little boys are too funny! you can teach your kids all the politeness in the world but they still think farting is funny. my youngest (5 yrs) makes it his mission to sit on my leg when he does it….cracks him up each and every time!

  3. Hmmm… Wasn’t there a similar comment from another if you did not maintain a certain speed on a trip? Correct my memory if I’m wrong. The similarities….

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