Scissors and Sharpies

Once upon a time, two little boys got scissors out of the art bucket and cut their hair after bedtime.

And before their hair had recovered from the indignity, they colored mustaches on their faces.  With Sharpie.

And their mother, the fair maiden, just chalked it up to boyhood nonsense and did nothing about it.  Because sometimes it’s just best to let it ride.

Perhaps even pretend you didn’t notice.  Just once in a while.

And they all lived happily ever after.


5 thoughts on “Scissors and Sharpies

  1. LOL.. our youngest decided to cut her hair last summer.. good thing it was warm and we could take her to “clean it up a bit”.. baby oil or rubbing alcohol will help remove the sharpie from skin :)

  2. Yes, please, pictures! At least with boys you have the option of going quite short to fix any ‘mistakes’.

  3. Yes please…pictures! Oh…these will be great photos for when they are seniors and you need to provide one for the graduation stuff. hee hee. I have the perfect one of my son…for next year.

  4. did you take any pictures? I wish I had when my youngest decided on a Saturday night that being a Dalmation was much more fun than being a little girl, yes, she still had spots Sunday morning at church.

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