Asparagus and Clementines

I could totally be a city girl.

In my one-extra-day in Chicago, Mindy and I strolled the city blocks a little bit.  After we sat in Starbucks for a long bit.  And we strolled because we’re both directionally challenged and couldn’t find the most direct route to Garrett’s Popcorn even with the help of the blue dot on the Google maps.

I think one of the most charming things about ‘the city’ is the markets.  I am so enchanted by the idea of choosing each day what I want to prepare, going to the market with my green tote, and storing up on 5-7 items like asparagus and clementines and fine cheeses and fresh breads.

And white wine.  Or a dry red.

It occurs to me that I could easily make this part of my daily life now.  But something about driving in a minivan and using coupons and fitting it in between basketball practice and dental appointments… there’s something about it that’s not quite so dreamy.

Plus, I would inevitably forget my reusable grocery bags and have 47 plastic ones to carry from the van to the kitchen.  It’s just not the same.

But, if I lived in the city – oh, if I lived in the city – I would charm myself with a daily routine.  And I would be prepared with my short list and my grocery bag.

I just know I would.

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  1. Walmart has green totes and baguettes too…on second thought, that would be akin to taking a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato and adding powdered Cremora whilst gobbling down a Special K bar in a warehouse full of square dancing people…nevermind…

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