Why Brothers Don’t Get Naming Privileges

“Mommy, wouldn’t you say we’re about to have three kids in our family?”

“No, no, I really would not say that.”

“If we have another baby in our family, and it’s a boy, we should name him Twister.  It starts with T and ends with -er.  Just like us.”

Tucker, Tyler, and Twister.


9 thoughts on “Why Brothers Don’t Get Naming Privileges

  1. When we were expecting our last one we decided to let the other two give some ideas on names…. they chose peanut and nemo.. so sisters didn’t get naming privileges : )

  2. Cuuuute! You could at least keep that name in mind for a nickname! (Tracey, my husband’s older brother wanted to name him Pickles.)

  3. Too funny! When I was 12 I told my parents that I was going to name our next pet or my first child Windex. Windex the cat lived for 10 long and happy years :)

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