Officially Coming Your Way!

Coming in January 2014:

And Life Comes Back
One Woman’s Story of Heartbreak and Her Journey to Tomorrow

* * *

My manuscript is in the hands of my publisher: Waterbrook Multnomah, Random House.

And you know what’s great?  Even if you’ve read every single word of this blog since the day she was born, the book holds pieces you haven’t heard.

There’s more to the story.

(But you’ll recognize the storyteller’s voice.  Promise.)


24 thoughts on “Officially Coming Your Way!

  1. Good luck- I have enjoyed this so far
    I think enjoyed is the word — but I felt your heartache

  2. Congrats on sending it off! I am so excited to read it and to be able to have another way of sharing your story with others!

  3. Woo-hoo! Coming soon, to a bookstore near you! I know it will bless many people. You’re just that kind of girl – a blesser!

  4. dear tricia…well what i had to do is make a new account because i couldn’t reset my password!……i am really looking forward to your book…love terry

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