Mixed Company

A friend is having her basement finished, so her home is a smattering of construction workers, tools, and work in progress.

She invited the boys over to see the progress, from bare beams and cement floors to finished carpet and plumbed bathroom.

The construction worker, looking to create a bond with my five-year-old in terms they could both understand, showed Tyler the unfinished bathroom.

“See these holes in the floor, buddy?  That’s for pee and poop.”

Tyler looked at him squarely.  “Excuse me, but it’s not appropriate to speak that way in front of ladies.”

Well, well.  My friend said she looked at the construction worker, and she filled in the awkward silence by saying, “They have a single mom.  She’s training them very well.”

(A highest of compliments.  I believe I’ll write that on my hand today as a personal dose of affirmation.)

For all the millions of times he comes out with these words (and worse!), he knows what is appropriate.  And inappropriate.

And I wonder if he knows I’m a lady.

4 thoughts on “Mixed Company

  1. Ha, ha, ha…… After a long week in the office, you’re boys are the comic relief I need. And I love that he said that. :)

  2. lol :) …and not only do they know their mama is a lady….i’m betting that you are the lady they will hold all future ladies in comparison to :)

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