Tucker’s teacher recently informed me, in one of those impromptu after-school meetings that could go one way or another, and I always prefer one way over the other, “Tucker’s humor has surpassed his classmates. He catches my jokes when the other children don’t, and he’s become masterful with language.”

Dear Tricia of four years ago, who is blogging between speech therapy appointments and interpreting sign language for her son:
His first grade teacher said, “masterful with language.” She said humor. Sarcasm. Funny. Keep teaching him language and stories and even timing and expression. He’s about to make you laugh.

She added, “He has mastered sarcasm, and that’s a language all its own.”

That’s my boy.


“Tuck, I love how you make me laugh. That’s what I enjoy most in my friends: quick wit.”

“What is quick wit? Is it, like, smacking a cow’s butt?”

“It is exactly not that. But the words thing will get me every time.”

Stick with words, not so much smacking animals. Quick wit goes straight to my heart, every time.


(Masterful, she said.)

6 thoughts on “Masterful

  1. “It is exactly not that.” Ahhhh… I love how you write! And I love all the stories about the boys and the silly things they say. What funny sweeties!

  2. Love it! I enjoyed my student teaching in the 6th grade as the kids could get the sarcasm but not the 1st graders. Way to go Tucker!


  3. I’m pretty sure you spoke this part of the sentence to me some time ago: “He catches my jokes when the other children don’t…” Yea for senses of humor, and yea for the Master and his Mama! I think if I went back and read your blog posts about this, I would find evidence that Robb knew it all along. I seem to remember that he was always confident that this day would come for Tucker!

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