All The Glory

“May You receive the glory, God.”

May You claim it.

In my mind, I picture this glorious radiant, beaming mound,

pulsating with life in the middle of the room.

We who serve You walk around it, like small children in game of musical chairs.
We watch the glory, point to glory, and point others to the glory.

If I dare touch it, claim it,
it will shine only for a moment,
and then burn out with a fizzle.
Like the flame at the end of a match,
so fragile it can be pinched out between two fingers.

But if I stay near to Your glory,
behold your greatness,
serve and protect it,
point others toward it,
remember it is always yours,
then you will claim it.

And the glory will shine forever brighter,
an unbelievable spectacle,
so far reaching that no one can measure it.
So magnificent and bright,
that no one can really see it at all –
only behold the grandness of the presence.

Jesus, Holy God, the glory is Yours.

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