How You Know I’m a Grown Up

I’ve decided to buy a warm coat.  That’s how you know I’m a grown up.

It’s lovely, long, down-filled, and warm.  It’s shaped with a waist, of all things – more like a woman than a refrigerator box. (Imagine.)  They’ve come a long way in coats.   And I don’t even think I needed to sacrifice fashion for the cost of warmth.

Somehow, these two were always opposing one another when I was growing up.  Which is why I spent all of 7th grade with my pink suede leather jacket unzipped and halfway draped over my shoulders in subzero weather at the bus stop.

(“What?  I’m not cold.  No, seriously.  This is totally how I wear this.”)

There is this one hiccup, though.  I can’t figure out the zipper. I don’t I have a problem with zippers in general (that issue in 7th grade was entirely image-based), but this one is pesky and tricky.  So I’ll be stepping in and out of my new lovely coat until further notice.

But I’ll be warm.  And as I walk away, you might think to yourself, look how shapely her waist is, just as I thought this of the girl in the photos.

61SzcsSolwL._SL1400_And then I’ll step into a quiet corner to slither out of it and spare my dignity.

1 thought on “How You Know I’m a Grown Up

  1. Tricia, it may be that the zipper is defective, it is hard to find a good zipper these days.

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