Regurgitated Story

“Mommy, I will tell you a story that is the truth of Jesus Christ.”

“Yes, please. I’m ready.”

“He comes to earth, he throws up, and he saves us from our sins.”


“Hey, buddy, do you mean he died and the he ‘rose up’?”

“Oh. Yes, maybe. I thought it was throw up.”

4 thoughts on “Regurgitated Story

  1. LOL when I was a kid I always thought the hymn that said “He covered us there with His hand” was “He clobbered us there with His hand” I always wondered why everyone thought God was so great.. I thought he was clobbering us..

  2. The acceptance children have is amazing. He threw up and saved us. Makes no sense, but that’s how the story goes, so I’ll believe it. :D
    I used to think baby Jesus wet the bed, (as I’m sure He did.) I am not sure that we sang about it though. I thought the song said, “Sleep in heavenly pee.”

  3. Now THAT is funny! When I was little I thought the song In Times Like These said “Be very sure; be very sure. Your anchor holds, and grips the SALAD rock”.

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