Genuine Expertise

“Why are zombies so scary looking?”

“Because they are made-up characters in a story, and the illustrator chose to draw them that way.”

“Why do they come out at night?”

“Because the person who wrote the story wanted it to happen at night. They’re not real, Tyler.”

“Yes they are. Jack told me.”

“What did Jack tell you?”

“He ate one. It lives inside him.”

“Tyler, he’s telling you stories. They’re not true.”

“They are true.”

“Tyler, who do you think might know more? Me or Jack?”




5 thoughts on “Genuine Expertise

  1. I snorted my wine. :D Sipping wine helps me bake the cookies and wrap the presents and address the envelopes and fill out the cards and make the meatballs and manage the family and the list goes on. Busy day, here. But I always stop to read what you write.

    This made me laugh and slap my knee.

    I am praying, praying, praying for you.

  2. Ive prayed for you too and will again tonight…Hamilton ontario Canada. Evelyn Lambie

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