Be Born In Me

I wonder if we think we can make Christmas come.  As if, with all our decorations and festivities and shopping and caroling, we make it happen.  If we don’t complete our lists, then Christmas will have merely been a date on the calendar.

But if we think we can make Christmas happen, then I venture to say that we believe we can create and manage the redemption of the world, since that’s what Christmas is.

Christmas was, is, and is to come.  Christmas happened, happens, and continues to happen.  Regardless of the to do list.

I’m the last girl who will recommend setting aside traditions.  Please don’t read this and hear me suggesting an abandoment of trees, lights, Christmas stations on the radio, glittery paper, and gift exchanges.

I love that stuff as much as you do.  (L.O.V.E.)

Christmas was born because Mary had room in her life for conception – not only the photo-1immaculate conception, but the belief that what grew inside her was true.

The same mysterious one that was born in Mary also stirs within me – and you.  He waits to be noticed, nourished, given room.

May I be your Bethlehem.

May I be surprised by your presence.

Jesus, be born in me.

Painting by Kristin Collier

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  1. Ok, So that is my favorite song this Christmas…and as I begin new traditions in my life, this song continually plays in my head…maybe God is telling me to be open and let Him be born in my life. Love it, Tricia!

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