I Wasn’t Going To

I wasn’t going to be this mom.

I was not – not!  not! not! – going to be the mom who delivers the homework folder to the school after her son has forgotten it on the kitchen table, next to the sticky frosting from his cinnamon roll.

I wasn’t going to.  And I especially was not going to be the mom who did this two days in a row.

I wasn’t.

Look what has happened.

I’m an enabler.

3 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Going To

  1. hurrah! I get to pass along a recently learned tidbit! The idea is called ‘hassle time’ – whatever time Mom has to take for an interruption that could have been prevented by attention or negotiation, etc, is owed back in chores of Mom’s choice. Friend said it worked beautifully – forgotten schoolwork presented a choice: face the teacher’s marks, or give Mom the 20-30 minutes required to bring schoolwork to school. A fight that Mom had to step into meant both kids owed replacement time.

  2. You’re not an enabler. You’re a teacher and a nurturer. Teaching personal responsibility takes a lot of hard work and a LONG time. I do like the suggestion above, though.

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