What Means Kissing

“Mommy, did you know that when boys and girls kiss, they’re already married?”

“No, that’s not what it means.”

Although I’d prefer not to explain kissing as a commitment-free luxury of certain relationships.

“What does it mean, then?”

“You can kiss someone without marrying them.  But if you marry someone, it means you want to live the rest of your life with them.”

“So, married means you don’t give up on them?”

That’s kind of a beautiful definition.

“Yes, buddy.  It does.”

“Mommy, you didn’t give up on daddy, right?”

“Right, kiddo.”

“He just died before the rest of your life.”

It’s Christmas time, so many of our conversations seem to circle to the same topic.

4 thoughts on “What Means Kissing

  1. What a Beautiful boy! He understands so much more than he should at this tender age, but he is Blessed because of it. You are raising truly fine “young men”. It’s hard to remember at times that they are still little boys. Although we have never met, your sweet family holds a special place in our hearts. We pray that you have a Blessed holiday season and know that you are Loved by many.

  2. I’m sure they do! What a blessing it is that they can have an open dialog and not sweep it under the rug. Peace my friend!

  3. This is such a beautiful conversation. With so many layers. Your interactions with them keep reminding me of how many glittering moments of true life wisdom we can share with our kids if we are aware and intentional. (and how many wait for us when they are teaching us!)

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