For Nothing Less

Maybe you knew this before, but I just made this tangible discovery.

Jesus grew up without his biological dad.

Joseph married Mary, knowing she was pregnant with a child that was not his own.  He knew that the marriage to her was a package deal, that the boy came with the girl.

I wonder if he had to learn to love Jesus.  I mean, I imagine Jesus was an easy kid, so maybe that part was easier.

But Joseph wasn’t his dad.  God was.  (And is.)  If we can draw any form of biology from the Trinity.

God laid in Joseph’s heart a deep, bonding love to raise a child he had not conceived with his wife.

And this discovery deepens my prayer for ‘the new daddy.’  Our Joseph, so to speak.

May God give him a deep, bonding love to raise two boys that didn’t start out as his own.

I will marry for nothing less.

3 thoughts on “For Nothing Less

  1. He’s out there, and God will do just that, and he’ll have a deep, precious love for you, too. It will be another package deal of God’s making, and it will be beautiful to behold.

  2. A good friend of mine was praying fervently for her future husband. She was in her 30s and never married. She prayed for a man of deep faith who had children but didn’t want any more. She met a man whose wife had died leaving him with two children. He prayed for a woman who loved children (they were 8 and 14 when they married) but didn’t want babies. It’s completely God’s design; he had them planned for each other. Pray and remain steadfast – God has a plan for your future husband as well. <3

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