Freaking AutoCorrect

I’m texting with a client, who’s really more of a friend, since we have known each other since high school.  And when you read the rest of this story, you’ll see why I’m thanking the Lord in heaven that this was not someone I had just met on a professional realm.

I just cranked out an announcement for his company, as they’ve acquired five businesses and are moving forward with an unstoppable synergy.

I meant to say… “Let me know what’s next on your docket.  I’m in.”

Freaking AutoCorrect hijacked my message.   “Let me know what’s next on your dickey.  I’m on.”

Oh, my great day.  Leave it to the widow to be inappropriate.

12 thoughts on “Freaking AutoCorrect

  1. Oh, my, goodness! That was flippin’ hilarious and a great LOL moment! Thanks for making my day in such an odd way!

  2. LOL I *love* auto correct. Have you gone to damnyouautocorrect (dot) com? It’s so hilarious!

  3. Oh, my word!!!! Thank you for a good laugh today, Tricia! I have had some autocorrect doozies myself and thankfully not to people I didn’t know.

  4. This reminds me of the story about the son who texted his mom to ask what plans they had for the upcoming month. She texted back meaning to say, “We have plans for Disneyworld”. Her autocorrect sent it as “we have plans for divorce”. The son
    astoundedly gasped and replied, “Dad never said anything”. She replied, “Of course not, he isn’t sure if he wants to do that?” The conversation went on from there.

  5. Oh, Tricia, you know the Lord has a sense of humor when these kind of things happen…..:)

  6. I spent a few bucks for the SwiftKey app after I texted my son from the driveway and asked him to “Please open the corpse.” I have no idea how my Droid Overlord made the leap from “garage door” to “corpse” but I’m not gonna lie, I think it’s kind of freaky. (And I now keep reading glasses in the car.)

  7. That’s HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I’ll be giggling about that one for some time. Kate

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  8. So funny!!! You should send that into the Ellen show, she has an episode Clumbsy Thumbsy, this would be great for it.

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