If you ever have the opportunity to tuck my youngest son into bed, do not casually toss out,

“Good night and sleep tight –
Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

Much further discussion will ensue on the truth, measurement, and whereabouts of these bed bugs that nobody else seems worried about.


4 thoughts on “Literally?

  1. I laughed out loud on this one.. I made this mistake with our two youngest several years ago.. they still bring it up :)

  2. It is the best time in the world if you can capture that brief window of time when you know their brains are in “high gear”. My Wesley, age 12, will be a scientist or an engineer….in the last two months, he has begun sitting in the hot tub under the stars at night, with his two dogs, for two hours at a time……….He just thinks, and thinks, and thinks………When I decide to infiltrate that “quiet” and just sit with him, I learn the “freezing point of lava, how many ants it would take to carry that car, how long it would take to run to the moon, and what types of worms you can actually eat to survive like Bear Gryls on the Survival Channel”………Oh, the mind of a boy… favorite place to wander…….soak it all in…….for there you will find the answers to many of life’s hard questions…….right before they snuggle for one last hug or ask for a back scratch…..

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