You know you’re at your moms when you can show up without a recipe, half the ingredients, or the pan for your assigned dish on Thanksgiving Day.

Thankfully, she happened to have pecans, flour, sugars (brown and white), eggs, milk, vanilla and shortening to grease the — her — pan. (I knew she would.)

But I did bring the sweet potatoes. And it’s a good thing.

Without that, this casserole would have been… well, apparently, a cake.

5 thoughts on “Half-Baked

  1. Reading these blogs for a few years, make me think if you want an exciting, fun filled gathering where anything can happen. Lots of laughter, excitement, EMOTION, and someone to be the catalyst for all this: TRICIA IS THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE THERE !!

    But, if you are looking for an orderly, structured event with all the props or ingredients there and in the right place, at the right time, and everybody follows the script: Tricia maybe not so much.

    How exciting! :) (If you love riding roller coasters all day). “Life” Go for it!

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